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WinSearch is leading-edge recruiting software that streamlines your business process with exclusive features that increase efficiency, improve communications, and enhance recruiting performance, allowing you to fill more positions, with better candidates, at a lower cost.

WinSearch delivers a comprehensive suite of recruiting software tools designed specifically for the 3rd party recruiting marketplace. Tight integration between WinSearch, Microsoft Word and Outlook and industry leading functionality, create a unique platform encompassing all of the critical elements necessary for your recruiting business process.

WinSearch is available in both Cloud and Client Server deployment models. It's your choice, let us host your database in our data center, or you can easily install and run WinSearch on your own equipment in your offices.

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WinSearch Cloud Service

We can host your data on our servers. WinSearch Cloud Service allows you to concentrate on your business while we host WinSearch for you.

Installed Client Server

Run WinSearch on your server. From single-user systems to multiple office installations, WinSearch is easy to deploy.

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