Relational Systems

Founded in 1989, Relational Systems began with the vision to create a software application for the staffing industry. The vision became WinSearch and that beginning launched the intense focus on product innovation that is still at the core of our development efforts. Couple that innovation with a group of talented people dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and you have the formula for success- your success and ours.

The success of Relational Systems reflects a corporate culture rich with talented and dedicated employees and unrivaled technical innovation, product quality, and customer support. RSI's ongoing ability to identify opportunities that support our primary strategic objectives has enabled us to realize our superior position in the marketplace. We strive to maintain our position with a continued focus on product excellence and customer satisfaction.

In today's competitive market, capturing the attention and business of a customer is challenging. It takes winning products - products that fill the needs of the customer while providing superior quality. It requires value - high-level product performance at a desirable price. And it takes an undying devotion to customer service and support. All of these elements play a critical role in RSI's success, and contribute to our most important endeavor -satisfying our customers.

At RSI, customer relationships are valued highly. Not only do we provide ongoing support and training, we closely monitor our customers to identify their changing needs. Based on those needs, RSI aggressively ventures into new product arenas and updates existing products with new technologies. At RSI, we pride ourselves on being in tune with our customers -before, during and long after their purchase.

 Company Facts

 Since our beginnings in 1989, Relational Systems has led the industry in the development of recruiting  software by consistently introducing innovative new  functions and features that address the real world  problems of staffing professionals.
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