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You can combine key word, free text and structured data in your searches making WinSearch the most versatile search engine in the industry.
WinSearch produces phenomenally fast search results with pinpoint accuracy.
You can view and sort each search list, double-click to select specific individuals or resumes, review candidate activity logs, or simply email resumes directly to your client for consideration. Whatever you choose, WinSearch automatically records the activity to keep an accurate history.
WinSearch scans each resume, database record and free-form notes field to produce a detailed listing of desirable candidates - with the most qualified individuals ranked at the top of the list.
Create reverse searches where you can easily find a list companies that will hire a specific skill set.
Create searches directly from a contact, candidate, or job order with a single mouse click.
WinSearch allows you to easily remove unqualified candidates from a search list
Each search list is automatically saved and can easily be re-used.
WinSearch's PowerClick™ Navigation allows you to quickly scroll through candidate's resumes without ever leaving your search list.
You can combine searches through the creation of Saved Lists
WinSearch allows you to send emails to individual or multiple recipients directly from the Search list.
The unique highlighted key word functionality allows you to quickly determine if a candidate meets required skill sets.