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WinSearch can quickly add documents to existing records with an integrated lookup function.
WinSearch allows you to open a resume in Microsoft Word and with a single mouse-click, process the resume and add that candidate automatically to your database. WinSearch then automatically attaches the resume to that candidate's record.
Update contact information for candidates when they move, change phone numbers, or change email addresses, quickly and easily with the automatic extraction and update feature.
WinSearch makes it easy to insert and position your company's logos on your resumes to improve their presentation and protect your rights. Present different corporate images to different clients for multiple divisions, specialties, or offices? No problem, each WinSearch user can have multiple custom logos.
Duplicate resumes are automatically detected and can be handled effortlessly.
Do you edit or customize resumes to your company's standards, or for specific submissions? This is easily done with a push button that duplicates, saves, and opens a new copy of a document ready for your immediate customization and use.