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Job Orders can be automatically linked to Companies and Hiring Managers, allowing you to easily keep a historical record of all contacts and activities with Hiring Managers.
Store all of the data necessary in your Job Orders. Information such as job descriptions, minimum requirements, compensation levels, hiring "quirks" and other information you should know as a winning recruiter.
Easily create searches for qualified candidates directly from new Job Orders.
WinSearch Job Orders support and integrate sales and recruiting functions.
A convenient copy and paste function allows you duplicate your repetitive Job Orders quickly.
Create Job Orders with multiple openings and track every candidate submittal and placement for the position.
Use RSI's WS.Jobs service to post Job Orders directly from your database to your Website and 3rd party job boards. WS.Jobs is designed to simplify job posting - it's easy to use and easy to integrate to your companies Website.
You can even pass the word around the office about new job orders the moment they arrive through WinSearch's automated event notification that alerts each recruiter of the new order.