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WinSearch allows you to open a resume in Microsoft Word, and with a single mouse-click, add that candidate automatically to your database. WinSearch will also automatically attach the Microsoft Word resume to that candidate's record.
With over a decade of refinements in our resume processing engine, we have the highest accuracy and recognition rates in the industry.
An unlimited number of document types, such as client contracts or quotes, can be quickly be added to appropriate database records directly from Microsoft Outlook and Word with a quick and easy lookup function.
Process resumes sent by email with a single click, or automatically on receipt if you so choose. If an email has additional attachments (such as cover letters, references or skill sheets) WinSearch will correctly determine which attachment is the primary resume, then flag and process it, and automatically import all the other attachments into the database as well.
WinSearch natively supports a variety of formats including: Microsoft Word Documents, Word Perfect Documents, Rich Text, Text and HTML Formats.
With our batch processing functions, you can load thousands of resumes into your database in a matter of minutes.
WinSearch's unique Key Word Highlighting functions allow you to quickly obtain the context of the individuals' usage of the skill.
You can create database records from any text copied to the Windows Clipboard, including web pages, job boards, online directories, email signatures, or any other source.