Microsoft Outlook Integration

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You can turn on automatic logging for email which seamlessly creates a database record behind the scenes, complete with email text, whenever an email is received from, or sent to, someone in your database.
Use automatic flagging to highlight emails received from clients and/or candidates with different colors. Use a third flag color to automatically track which emails have been processed.
Want to see if a sender is in the database? Select the email, click the lookup button, and WinSearch opens the record.
A single click can process resumes from email attachments or selected text.
Get a lot of resumes from the same source, maybe a job board or a company web-site? Set up an Outlook Rule to have those emails moved to a specific folder. Then tell WinSearch to monitor that folder and automatically process any email moved or copied there. That's all there is to it. You don't even have to be in the office.
You can process one email or select a group of them. Have one or more folders full or resumes which need processing? Just select folders and click the button. WinSearch can even automatically move the emails to another Outlook folder for archiving or other purposes after processing.
Use the Outlook toolbar to sync WinSearch and Outlook contacts and calendar appointments